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Omagh 60 Years ago.


[Extracts from files of “Tyrone Constitution”]



This estimable gentleman, to whom to whom the Ses-

kinore property (left him by his uncle, the late

George Perry. Esq.), has devolved on the death

of Mrs. Perry, visited Seskinore on Thursday

week: he was met a considerable way out of the

town by a joyous and delighted tenantry, who

took the horses from the carriage, and drew it to

the lodge amidst the most enthusiastic cheers.

Mr. M’Clintock spent some time at the house

of his relative, Mr. Sinclair Perry, Esq., and returned

by Balligawley same evening, but not before or-

dering abundance of refreshments for the congre-

gated thousands. After night tar barrels blazed

in all directions, and an amateur band delighted

The people by the performance of several ap-

propriate tunes. Mr M’Clintock was accompan-

ied by his brother-in-law, Captain. Blake Knox,

and Counsellor Rutledge. From all we have

heard Mr. M’Clintock is well worthy the re-

ception he met from a happy and respectable

tenantry. He is spoken of by all classes who

had the pleasure of his acquaintance in the

strongest terms. We hope soon to have the

gratification of hearing that he has come to

reside on the estate.- “Tyrone Constitution”                                    

18th April. 1845.