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As to the Lands of Ranelly.

By Indenture dated 20th June 1662 made between Sir William Usher and James Perry.

It is Witnessed that said William Usher in consideration of conveyance thereinafter mentioned granted unto said James Perry said Lands of Ranelly therein described as

All that the one Balliboe or townland

“Commonly called or known by the name

“of Ranelly alias Circless Containing

“by Estimation 60 acres be they more or less

“situate lying and being within the

“proportion called the Ballibettagh

“of Ballintorken bounded on the South

“with Tullyherran bounded on the

“West part with Tullyroth on the East

“with Terrewin and on the north part

“bounded upon Ramoran together

“with the Mill situate upon Circless

“being a part of the town of Ranelly

“with all the rest of his the said

“Sir William Usher pert of Ballintorken

“and Camone” with all arable land & buildings

Excepting thereout unto said Sir William Usher his heirs and assigns free liberty of fishing fowling hunting hawking as also eyes of Game Hawks and fawkins

To Hold same within the appurtenances unto said James his heirs and assigns for ever to be holden of said Sir William Usher his heirs and assigns as of his manor of Ballintakon by fealty and the Covenants thereinafter mentioned.

Subject to the perpetual yearly rent of £3.13.4 then current money of England at the feast of Michaelmas and Easter by equal portions and two capons or 4 hens at every Christmas also upon death of said James Perry and every of his heirs and assigns dying tenant (sic) and seised of the premises of his or their second best beast or 20/- of said Current money in the name of a heriott or for lieu.

Covenants by said James Perry to do suit and service at Courts Leet and Courts Baron of the manor of Lyeley and not to commence any actions against any tenants except as therein.

Powers of Distress and Re entry as therein

Covenant by James Perry to build plantation houses in manner and for purposes as therein

Proviso that any grant to any person being Irish should be void.

Power of Re entry upon any or part so granted as therein during the term of such grant.

Covenants by said Sir William Usher for further assurance and to indemnify against claims as therein appointment of Attorney to deliver possession.

Executed by Sir William Usher and duly attested.


Memorandum of delivery of seizin of said lands

On 4th July 1662 to said James Perry And on 25th January 1663 in consideration of £15 by said James Perry to his son George Perry And of Agreement dated 24th June 1662 that said Sir William Usher should not be bound to warrant the premises against any person to whom said Sir William Usher and others by deed dated 24th July 1634 had conveyed said premises to John Perry brother to said James Perry.

Abstract of Title for the Estate of John Knox McClintock Record. LR1/220/1/A11 E.C. 4481.

Reproduced with the permission of the Deputy Keeper of  the Records, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. (PRONI).