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 XENIA PENELOPE JOYNSON-WREFORD formerly of Seskinore, Co Tyrone;

 b 3 Aug, 1935, m GORDON LINDSAY LEWIS. He d 5 July, 1982 and has Issue,

       1a David Patrick Llewellyn; b 4 February, 1960; m Marylou Crimson, and has issue.

         1b Laura Jane, b 28 December 1988.

       2a Sharon Patricia Bronwyn; b 22 June, 1963; m Ronald van der Doorn, and has Issue.

          1b Christopher James, b 05 March 1990

          2b Nicola Joy, b 05 June 1992.

       3a Michael John Lloyd; b 22 February, 1965; m Chantel Kiehne, and has issue.

           1b Tristan Harvey Kiehne, b 16 August 1998.

           2b Isabella Morgan, b 22 September 2001.

           3b Sophia Lindsay, b 19 December 2006.

           4b Erica

Lineage–THOMAS PERRY, believed to be of Welsh descent, had issue,

        1a  JOHN, received a grant of the Town and Lands of Ranelly and the mill of Ranelly  from Sir. William Usher (Ussher), Knight and others, deed dated 24th July 1634.

        2a  JAMES, of whom presently.

JAMES PERRY, received a grant of the Town and Lands of Ranelly and the mill of Ranelly from Sir. William Usher (Ussher), Knight, deed dated, 20th June 1662, he received a fee farm grant for the lands of Moyloughmore, from Sir Audley Mervyn, deed dated, 26 June 1662. He had issue, two sons,

         1a Francis, of Tityreagh, near Omagh; m Elizabeth, 5th dau of John Lowry, of Ahenis, or Pomeroy, Co Tyrone (see Burke’s Peerage, BELMORE, E), and dsp

         2a Samuel; m Catherine, eldest dau of John Lowry, of Pomeroy, above mentioned, and by her had issue,

                 1a George, of whom presently.

                 2a James.

                 3a Samuel, married twice, firstly to Isabella Graham and secondly to Rebecca Galbraith. He had a son: Edward who married his cousin Margaret Perry (see below).

                 4a John.

                 1a Catherine.

                 2a Rebecka.

                 3a Mary.

GEORGE PERRY, of Perrymount; m Angel, dau of Rev James Sinclair, of Holyhill, near Strabane and had issue,

        1a SAMUEL, of whom presently.

        2a George; m the dau of Crawford, of Cooley, Co Tyrone, and had issue, two sons and one dau

        1a Margaret; m her first cousin, Capt Edward Perry, s of Samuel Perry and Isabella Graham(as above) and had issue two daus.

        2a Letitia; m Wybrants Olphert. Esq., of Ballyconnell House, Co. Donegal, and had issue

The eldest s

SAMUEL PERRY, of Perrymount and Mullaghmore; m Jane dau of Wybrants Olphert, of Ballyconnell House, Co Donegal, and had issue,

          GEORGE, of whom presently.

          Mary; m Dec 1781, Alexander McClintock, of Newtown, Co Louth, who was b 30 March, 1746, younger brother of John  McClintock, of Drumcar (see Burke’s Peerage, RATHDONNELL,B), and by him had issue with three daus., two sons,

          1b John, of Drumcar, Newtown, Co Louth; d. unm 1845.

          2b SAMUEL, heir to his uncle.

The only s,

GEORGE PERRY, of Perrymount and Moyloughmore, Cornet of Horse; b 1762; m Mary, dau of John Burgess and dsp, 1824, when he was s by his nephew the 2nd s of his only sister Mary.

SAMUEL McCLINTOCK, of Newtown, Co Louth, and Seskinore, Co Tyrone, JP for both Co's, High Sheriff, Co Louth, 1843, sometime Lt 18th RI Regt; b 1790; m 1st, Jane, dau of Lieut.-Col Lane; she d 1837. He m 2nd, Jan 1839, Dorothea, 4th dau of John Knox (see L.G. of Ireland, KNOX of Moyne Abbey) by whom he left at his decease, 13 Dec 1852, two sons,

         1a GEORGE PERRY, of whom presently.

         2a Samuel John; d 1856.

The elder s,

GEORGE PERRY McCLINTOCK, of Seskinore, Co Tyrone, DL and JP, Lt-Col and Hon Col 4th Battery Roy Inniskilling Fusiliers, High Sheriff Co Tyrone, 1865, ADC to the Duke of Abercorn and Earl Spencer when Lords Lieutenant of Ireland; b 6 Nov 1839; educ Cheltenham; m 2 May, 1860, Amelia Harriett (d 23 June, 1906), dau of Rev Samuel Alexander, of Termon, Co Tyrone, by his wife Charlotte, dau of Rev Charles Cobbe Beresford, Rector of Termon (see BURKE'S Peerage, WATERFORD, M); d 26 Dec, 1887, having had issue,

         1a Beresford George Perry; b 15 Feb 1861; dsp 31 Jan 1870

         2a •JOHN KNOX, of whom presently.

         3a Harry Edward; b 11 Oct 1865; d 2 April, 1866.

         4a Augustus, Capt and Brevet-Maj., DSO, 1st Battery Seaforth Highrs, served W. African Frontier Force; 1st class Resident, Bornu Province, N  Nigeria (despatches); b.18 Dec 1866; d 24 June, 1912.

         5a Leopold Arthur, late Capt 3rd Battery Roy Inniskilling Fusiliers; served in South African War (despatches); b 23 Nov 1868; d 11 June, 1906.

         6a Hubert Victor, Lt 4th Battery Roy Inniskilling Fusiliers; b 24 July, 1870; m 19 Feb 1902, Charlotte Fraser (d 9 March, 1936), youngest  dau of George Pim Malcolmson, of Woodlock, Portlaw, Co Waterford; d 15 Aug 1910, having had issue,

           1b Hubert Victor Perry, Lt-Comm. RN, HM Yacht Victoria and Albert, b. 20 Nov 1902.

           2b Samuel Perry; b 1904; d 1910.

           3b James Leopold; b 1908.

         7a Guy Reginald (Sydney, Australia), late Lt Inniskilling Fusiliers, served in South African War 1899-1902 with 22nd Rough Riders, and in Great War 1914-18 with Australian Expeditionary Force; b 6 Nov 1876; educ  Rossal; m 1913, •Ethel Spendlow.

        1a Dorothea (Dodo) Selina Navarra; b 24 Sep 1862; m Oct 1891, • Edward Charles Thompson, MP, F.R.CS; she d 3 Aug 1928, having had  issue, two daus.

        2a Amelia Charlotte Olivia; b 30 July 1872; m 23 July, 1902, •John Willis, 2nd s of late Gen Sir George Willis, GCB

        3a Elinor Harriett Woodrop; b17 feb 1875;  m 12 Sept 1901, Capt. George Peacocke, West Indian Regt and Roy Inniskilling Fusiliers, and d 3  Feb 1925, having had issue, one dau He d 1923.

          1a Rosemary Elinor Dorothy; b 20 Sep 1902; m 24 April 1929, Hugh Charlie Godfray Stewart, (6th Bart. Stewart of Athenree, Co. Tyrone,) and had issue, she d 4 Jan 1986.

            1a Elinor Godfray; b 5 March 1930; m 4 July 1953, Michael John Alastair MacDonell, and d 21 Aug 2002.

            2a David, 7th Bart, Stewart of Athenree; b 19 June 1935; m 7 Nov 1959, Bridget Anne Sim, and has issue, three dau,

        4a Madeline Frances Edith; b. 9 March 1879; d 20 Jan 1933.

        5a Florence Beatrix Hannah; b 12 Feb 1881; m 23 July, 1902, •Capt  Audley Willis, 3rd Battery Hampshire Regt and 60th King's Roy Rifles, 3rd s of the late Gen Sir George Willis, GCB, and has issue, one dau, d 24 Jan 1966.

JOHN KNOX McCLINTOCK CBE (1921), of Seskinore, Co Tyrone, JP and DL, High Sheriff Co Tyrone 1891, Vice - Chairman Tyrone CC, ADC to the Governor of Northern Ireland; Hon Capt in the Army 1900; Comd. 3rd Inniskilling Fusiliers 1909-19, Brevet-Col 1917, served in Great War 1914-18 (despatches); b 8 Feb 1864; educ Cheltenham Coll and Oxford Military Coll; m 27 April, 1893, •Amy Henrietta Frances, eldest dau and co-heiress of John Stuart Eccles, DL, of Ecclesville, Co Tyrone (see below), She d 4 April, 1942, He d 24 October, 1936 and had issue,

        1a AMELIA (LEILA) ISOBEL ECCLES, of whom presently.

AMELIA (LEILA) ISOBEL ECCLES McCLINTOCK, of Seskinore, Co Tyrone; b 21 July, 1898 m. 1st (divorced), Cecil Rhodes Field. She m. 2nd Captain. Wilfred Heyman Joynson Wreford, son of Dr. Heyman Wreford M.R.C.S., Esq. and Catherine Hannah Guerrier, of The Firs, Exeter, b 30 July, 1896. She d 30 January, 1937, He d 23 March, 1940 and had issue,


Lineage (of ECCLES)–JOHN ECCLES of Kildonan, Co Ayr, living 1618; m Janet Cathcart, of the Carleton family, and had two sons, JOHN and Gilbert. The elder, JOHN ECCLES, of Kildonan, a devoted Royalist, continued the senior line of the family at Kildonan, while the younger,

GILBERT ECCLES, of Shanock, Co Fermanagh, High Sheriff 1665, and for Co Tyrone 1673; b 1602, settled in Ireland temp. CHARLES 11, and acquired large estates in Co's Tyrone and Fermanagh. He d 26 July, 1694, leaving issue,

       1a Daniel, of Shanock, High Sheriff 1675; m (articles dated March, 1670) Sarah, dau of William Moore, of Tullavin, Co Cavan, and dvp March,1688, having had issue three sons and five daus.

       2a CHARLES, of whom presently.

       3a Joseph, of Rathmoran, High Sheriff, 1712.

The 2nd s,

CHARLES ECCLES, of Fintona, Co Tyrone, to whom his brother, Joseph Eccles, of Rathmoran, Co Fermanagh, by his will, dated 3 Aug 1709, and proved 17 Sept 1723, devised the Fermanagh estates. He was High Sheriff Co Tyrone 1694 and JP for the same in the reigns of Queen ANNE and GEORGE I. He d intestate and admin. was granted 7 Nov 1726, to his s,

DANIEL ECCLES, of Fintona; b 1692, High Sheriff, Co Tyrone 1720; m 1718, Mary, dau of Thomas Lowry, of Ahenis, and d 1750, leaving issue,

       1a CHARLES, his heir.

       2a ROBERT, who had the Fermanagh estate; m Miss Boggs; d 23 April, 1753, having had issue, two sons.

       3a James Lowry; m Miss Perry (of Seskinore), and had issue, two sons  and two daus.

       4a Mervyn; dsp

       1a Anne.

       2a Frances; m 1740, John Dickson, of Ballyshannon, Co Donegal (see  L.G. of Ireland, DICKSON of Woodville).

       3a Mary.

       4a Elizabeth.

       5a Margaret.

       6a Isabella.

Mr. Eccles, whose will, dated 10 Nov 1747, was proved 2 July, 1750, was s by his eldest s,

CHARLES ECCLES, of Ecclesville, Fintona, High Sheriff Co Tyrone 1709; m Rebecca Anne Stewart, of Bailieborough Castle, and by her (who d 26 April, 1790) had issue,

       1a DANIEL, his heir.

       2a John; dsp

       3a Charles (Rev), drowned at Bath.

Mr. Eccles d 30 Dec 1763, and was s by his eldest s,

DANIEL ECCLES, of Ecclesville, Co Tyrone, High Sheriff 1772; b 1746; m 28 Feb 1773, his cousin, Anne, dau of John Dickson, of Ballyshannon (as above), and by her (who d 11 March, 1819) had issue,

      1a Charles, High Sheriff for Co Tyrone 1802; b 1777; d.v.p.s.p. 15 Dec 1807.

      2a JOHN DICKSON, of whom presently.

      3a Gilbert William; b 4 Sept 1784; dsp

      4a Daniel; b 15 March, 1787; d 1869.

      5a Thomas; b 29 June, 1791; dsp

      6a James Eccles.

      1a Frances; b 7 Dec 1775; m her cousin, Charles Lucas.

      2a Anna Rebecca; b 13 June, 1779; d. unm

      3a Mary; b 11 May, 1781; m 3 March, 1810, her cousin, Rev James Lowry Dickson (see L.G. of Ireland, DICKSON of Woodville).

      4a Elizabeth Letitia Sarah; b 14 July, 1786; m 1813, William Newcombe; d 27 Sept 1833.

      5a Hester; b 28 April, 1789; m 1817, William Dickson, and had issue.

Mr. Eccles d 31 July, 1808, and was s by his eldest surv s,

JOHN DICKSON ECCLES, of Ecclesville, JP; b 22 Sept 1783; m 30 oct. 1810, his cousin, Jemima, 3rd dau of Thomas Dickson, of Woodville, Co Leitrim (see L.G. of Ireland), and by her (who d 19 April, 1879) and had issue,

      1a Daniel; dsp

      2a CHARLES, his heir.

      3a Thomas Dickson; b 3 Aug 1818; dsp Dec 1848.

      4a John; b 20 Aug 1821; dsp 1845.

      5a James William; b 14 April, 1824; dsp Feb 1853.

      6a Robert Gilbert (Rev); b 10 June, 1826, Rector of Kilbrogan; m Nannie, dau of Col. Dickson, and had issue.

      1a Hester Catharine; b 26 March, 1814; d. unm 7 Dec 1868.

      2a Anna Jemima; b 21 March, 1817; d. unm 17 Sept 1835.

      3a Eliza Frances Wilhelmina; b 12 July, 1829; m Rev Benjamin Newcombe, and d Jan 1865.

Mr. Eccles d 12 Oct 1830, and was s by his eldest s,

CHARLES ECCLES, of Ecclesville, JP and DL, High Sheriff 1835; b 9 April, 1813; m 9 April, 1840, Isabella, dau of Edward Blake, JP and DL of Castle Grove, Co Galway, and by her, (who d 30 Dec 1859), he d 4 Nov 1869, had issue,

      1a JOHN STUART, his heir.

      2a Charles Edward, Capt Donegal Militia Artillery; b 20 Oct 1850; m 11 Dec 1883, Mathilda Theodosia, dau of Thomas Richardson Browne, of       Aughentaine (see Burke’s L.G. of Ireland). He d 1897.

      3a Robert Gilbert; b 25 Oct 1854; d young.

      1a Annie Henrietta; b 25 Jan 1849; m Conolly William Lecky Browne Lecky, 3rd s of Thomas Richardson Browne, of Aughentaine, DL. and had issue,

        1a Raymond Saville Conolly de Montmorency Lecky Browne-Lecky, of Ecclesville, b 17 May 1881 and d 11 Nov 1961.

        2a Isabella Caroline Annie Browne-Lecky; b 1882 d 23 March 1956 m  22 October, 1910, Charles Ernest William Bland and had issue,

          1a Patricia Ernest de Montmorency; b 1915; m Thomas Oliver Neville Clarke, and had issue,

            1a Susan P Neville Clarke; b 10 Jan 1941.

      2a Gertrude Marian; b 9 June, 1852; d in infancy.

      3a Constance Isabella; b 8 Oct 1856; m Capt James Vesey Lendrum, Seaforth Highrs (see LENDRUM of Maghercross), and had issue one s.

Mr. Eccles d 4 Nov 1869, was s by his eldest s,

JOHN STUART ECCLES, of Ecclesville, DL; b 6 Oct 1847; m 23 May, 1871, Frances Caroline, dau of Thomas Richardson Browne, of Aughentaine Castle, Co Tyrone, JP, DL (see L.G. of Ireland), and d 1886, having by her (who d 1887) had issue,

     1a Charles Raymond; b 22 Aug, and d 4 Sept 1872.

     1a AMY HENRIETTA FRANCES; b 22 April, 1874; m (as above), 1893, JOHN KNOX McCLINTOCK of Seskinore, Co Tyrone.

     2a Rose Isabella de Montmorency; b 5 Jan 1876; m 19 Dec 1906, Carfrae Hamilton Delmege, Capt 21st Lancers (see L.G. of Ireland,      DELMEGE or DOLMAGE of Rathkeale), and had issue.

        1a Anthony Charles Stuart , b 1910, d 22 July 1961.

        2a James Christopher, b 1912.

        1a Sheelagh Edith, b 10 Feb 1914; m 07 Aug, 1934, John William Wilder (he d. 21 Nov, 1934), She m. 2nd; Richard James Kay Fenton, Esq., of  Dutton Manor and Clegg Hall, Lancs. and had issue,

          1a Jonathan Anthony Stuart Kay

          2a Richard W H

          1a Patricia

     3a Anna Theodosia Hester; b 8 Feb 1878; m Jan 1900, Capt Leigh Sadleir Stoney, JP, 4th Roy Irish Fusiliers, of Forrest, Mountmellick,            Queen's Company (see STONEY of The Downs), d 8 July 1960. and had issue,

        1a Rose Kathleen Rachel, b 10 October 1900, d 17 Sep 1973, m William Frank Sugden, and had issue,

          1a Theodore William Stuart.

          2a Francis.

Seat– Formerly; Seskinore, Omagh, Tyrone.

McClintock Arms–Per pale gules and azure a chevron erm. between three escallops, that in the dexter chief or, in sinister argent, and in base per pale of the fourth and last.

Crest:–A lion passant argent.

Motto:–Virtute et labore.