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Alexander McClintock Esq., Of Drumcar

Alexander McClintock Esq., Of  Newtown House, Co. Louth.

Col. George Perry McClintock Esq., J.P, D.L, Of Seskinore.

Col. John (Jack) Knox McClintock J.P, D.L. CBE. Esq., Of Seskinore.

Dorothea Knox, wife of Samuel, and mother of George Perry McClintock.

Amelia (Emy) Alexander, wife of George Perry and mother of  John Knox  McClintock.

Amy Eccles, wife of John Knox and mother of Amelia (Leila) McClintock.

Seskinore Harriers, Seskinore.

Seskinore hunt club, c.1930. J. K. McClintock middle of back row.

Col. J. K. McClintock.

Amelia, Dora, Dodo, and Emy Thompson

Miss Madeline McClintock and Andy McHugh, Gardener at Seskinore.

Members of the McClintock family, Seskinore.

McClintock burial ground, Seskinore Chapel of Ease.

Artist impression of Seskinore.

Seskinore Lodge, c.1880’s.




“The Lion Gates” and Lodge.

Andy McHugh’s children in the walled garden, c.1939.

Walled garden, c.1923.

The Entrance Hall, c.1914.

Looking to the hall from the landing.



Tony Joynson-Wreford’s Jaguar S.S.

The Butler’s cottage.  2009, (Now demolished).

Harrier’s rooms. 2009.

Courtyard. 2009.

Courtyard. 2009.

The former “Lion Gates” entrance. 2009.

Site of Seskinore house.

Garden of Remembrance, 1937.

Garden of Remembrance.

Garden of Remembrance. C.1940

Tony & Leila’s grave 2009.


Seskinore demesne, 1845.

Seskinore demesne, 1940.

Patrick Joynson-Wreford died on the 19th August 2015 in Scotland, as per his wishes, his ashes were taken to Seskinore and buried in the garden of remembrance, a simple memorial stone was placed next to that of his father’s in May 2017.