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Funeral of Late

Mr. Raymond Browne-Lecky

There were most impressive scenes at the funeral on Wednesday afternoon of last week of Mr. Raymond de M. Browne-Lecky, of Ecclesville, Fintona, when the remains were interred in Fintona old graveyard. It is understood that this will be the last burial in this ancient ground, and it is most appropriate because no one could have shown a more practical interest in Fintona and district than Mr. Browne-Lecky during his whole lifetime.

The body had been resting in Donacavey parish Church, and as might be expected there was a large and representative attendance.

The impressive service with full choir, was conducted by the rector, Canon F.W.C Whitcroft, and Rt Rev. Dr. A.A. Buchanan, Bishop of Clogher, who came specially from Dublin, paid a glowing tribute to the deceased gentleman.

He said Raymond Browne-Lecky died on 11th November, on the eve of Remembrance Sunday. It was a significant date because Sunday was the day they has set aside to pay tribute to the dead of two world wars. It was his custom to join them in their remembrance, and he was a benefactor to and a great supporter of the British Legion and ex-servicemen commenced during the First World War. He had been told by a friend in Dublin the he recollected Mr. Browne-Lecky organising a concert for the troops in the year 1917 in a theatre in Dublin. That enthusiasm never waned and he was a staunch friend of ex-servicemen. He was proud of his native Fintona and took a keen interest in the community.

They had sung Mr. Browne-Lecky’s favourite hymn: “Take up thy cross the saviour said,” and that indicated his outlook on life. The Bishop spoke of Mr. Browne-Lecky's steadfastness, and said he set a grand example? For all to follow.He would be greatly missed in Fintona and district.

The body was carried from the church by members of the select vestry, and Mr. Richard Scott presided at the organ. The coffin was carried into the graveyard by members of the British Legion and the service at the graveside was conducted by the Bishop, assisted by the Rector. Mr. Lewis Anderson carried a wreath from the parishioners, and Capt. R. A. Chambers, M.C. carried a wreath from the Fintona British Legion. There were many other floral tributes.

Amongst those observed at the funeral were Mrs. Mervyn Knox-Browne; Mrs. Anketell Moutray; the Earl of Caledon; Capt, peter Montgomery, D.L..; Capt. W. Maddin Scott Mr. H.M. Pollock; Col. C.R. McCausland; Dr. J. Chambers; Mr. Jan Pick; Mr. E.C.W. Baker; Capt. Marcus B. Lendrum; Mrs. J. F. Dickie; Mrs. De la Ray; Capt. B. and Mrs. White, Mr. Roy B. Holmes; Mrs. Sproule, with of course a large representation of the business and professional life of Fintona and district. Mr. Richard Holmes of London, a very old friend of the late Mr. Browne-Lecky, was prevented from attending the funeral but was represented by Capt. Sproule. [sic]