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As to the lands of Drumconnolly and Tullyrush

By Indenture dated 3rd July 1724 made between Henry Mervyn of the one part and Alexander McClintock of the other part After reciting as therein It is Witnessed that in consideration of £1010 said Henry Mervyn granted unto said Alexander McClintock said lands of Drumconnolly and Tullyrush with others therein described as.

All that and those the towns and

“lands of Seskinore Drumconnolly

“and Tullyrush with all and singular

“their and every their rights members

“and appurtenances situate lying and

“being in the Barony of Omagh and

“County of Tyrone and all woods” &c

and all the estate &c

To Hold same with the appurtenances unto the said Alexander McClintock his heirs and assigns for ever to the use of said Alexander McClintock his heirs and assigns for ever.

Subject to the perpetual yearly rent of 40/- payable half yearly on first November and first May.

Power of Distress


By said Henry Mervyn for right to convey for quiet enjoyment (except as therein) free from Incumbrances (except as therein) and in the event therein mentioned free from the term of 99 years and from payment of the portion therein respectively mentioned and to indemnify as therein And for further assurance (except as therein)

Proviso that nothing therein should prejudice the title of the issue male of the body of the said Henry Mervyn as therein mentioned or the title of George Stewart to the toll or mulcture of the said several lands but that the several tenants on said lands should grind their grain at the Mill of Loughmuck anything therein contained to the contrary notwithstanding.

Declaration that fines and Recoveries should ensure to the uses thereinbefore mentioned.

License to said Alexander McClintock his heirs and assigns and his and their under tenants at all times thereafter to take out of the quarry’s then open or thereafter to be opened in the the manor of Omagh such quantities of limestone as should be necessary for manuring or improving on the premises.

Executed by both parties and attested

Receipts for £1010 consideration money endorsed.

Abstract of Title for the Estate of John Knox McClintock Record  LR1/220/1/A11 E.C. 4481 Co. Tyrone.

Reproduced with the permission of the Deputy Keeper of  the Records, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. (PRONI).