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D568 1846 Maps of the Estate of Samuel McClintock, Esq.

D568/1 1846 Map of the Estate of Samuel McClintock.

D1711 c.1870-1930 Dr E. C. Thompson and McClintock papers.

D1711/1 c.1870-c.1895 Correspondence and Papers of Dr E.C Thompson.

D1711/2 c.1890-1907 Papers of The McClintock Family.

D1711/2/1/1/12 6 July 1912 Letter from Col. J K McClintock, D. L. Seskinore, Omagh

D1711/2/1/1/15), regarding the minor, Hubert McClintock.

D1711/2/1/1/14 20 July 1912 Letter written at Seskinore, Omagh to Under. Secretary of State, Colonial Office from Lt Col J K McClintock.

D1716/19 c.1800-1920 Estate and estate papers of McClintock family, Seskinore, Omagh, Co. Tyrone.

D1716/27 1888-c.1910 Rentals and Irish Land Commission site papers of McClintock of Seskinore, Co. Tyrone.

D3000/168 2008 McClintock of Seskinore, Co Tyrone.

D3000/168/1 2008 Bound copy of Genealogy Report for Xenia.

D3007/P/47 20 March 1873 Telegram from Henry Corry, Moy, to Belmore.

D3850/17/2 29 July 1856 Conveyance from Commissioners for the Sale.

DIO/4/32/C/9/11 1875 Petition from Major G.Perry McClintock,

FIN/48/3/321 1925-1928 Estate of Colonel John Knox McClintock.

T2153 c.1890-c.1930 McClintock / Thompson papers.

T2153/1 1900 - 1914 One of 20 newspaper cuttings c.1890-c.1930’s

Archive material for the McClintock of Seskinore family deposited at PRONI.